AGM elected the Company's Board of Directors and Audit Commission

26 June 2009

Ekaterinburg - ОАО «IDGC of Urals» (RTS and MICEX: MRKU), united operating company of the Urals region exercising control over distributive grid complexes in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions - reports on the Company's AGM results.

June 19, 2009 saw the annual shareholder meeting of OAO «IDGC of Urals». The AGM, being held in the form of the simultaneous attendance of the shareholders, made decisions on each issue of the AGM agenda.

Our shareholders approved the Company's annual report, annual financial statements, including the profit and loss statements as well as profit and loss distribution as of 2008 financial year.

The shareholders also made decisions not to pay out 2008 dividends, net profit in the amount of RUR 861 352 thous. being channeled to the Company's reserve fund (RUR 43 068 thous.) as well as enterprise development (RUR 818 284 thous.).

According to the voting results the membership of the Company's BoD is as follows:

  1. Konstantin SHEVCHENKO, Director of Moscow Representative Office of «E.D.M. Electricity Distribution Management (Cyprus) Limited».
  2. Svetlana MURAVYOVA, Head of Corporate Section at Moscow Representative Office of «E.D.M. Electricity Distribution Management (Cyprus) Limited».
  3. Valeryi RODIN, General Director of ОАО «IDGC of Urals».
  4. Petr EROKHIN, Member of the Board, President at subsidiary of OAO «SO UES», of Ural ODM.
  5. Nikolai SHVETS, General Director at ОАО «Holding MRSK».
  6. Valeryi SHOGENOV, Deputy Department Director at Russian Ministry of Energy.
  7. Sergey IVANOV, First Deputy Management Board Chairman at ОАО «FGC UES».
  8. Aleksei DEMIDOV, Deputy General Director ОАО «Holding MRSK».
  9. Yuri PANKSTYANOV, Head of Tariff Department at ОАО «Holding MRSK».
  10. Sergey POPOVSKY, Representative of NP ATS.
  11. Andrei LUKIN, Head of Strategy and Development Center at ОАО «Holding MRSK».

The Company's Audit Commission is as follows:

  1. Vitalyi SHELKOVOY, Deputy Head of Internal Audit Department at ZAO «IES».
  2. Irina MIKHNO, Deputy Department Head - Head of Section of Internal Audit Department at ОАО «Holding MRSK».
  3. Sergey SIDOROV, Head of Internal Audit Department at ОАО «Holding MRSK».
  4. Olga ROKHLINA, Leading Expert of Internal Audit Department at ОАО «Holding MRSK».
  5. Mikhail SMIRNOV, Head of Section of Corporate Governance and Shareholder Relations Department at ОАО «Holding MRSK».

The AGM approved ZAO «ENPI-Consult» as the Company auditor for 2009 following the tender to nominate the Auditor.

For the AGM protocol, please, visit Section «Investors and Shareholders - Information Disclosure - AGM Protocols».

Download IR release (pdf, 113 kB)

For additional information on the Company, please, visit the Company's corporate web-site ( as well as Complex Information Disclosure System (, Interfax ( and AKM (

IR Department

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