Permenergo branch

About the branch

Permenergo branch transmits electric energy via 0.4-110 kV power lines. The key goal of the branch is to ensure reliable operations and evolution of the regional grids as well as connection of new consumers to the Company's grids.

Permenergo branch has 360 substations (35-110 kV), 12.784 transformer substations (6-10 kV) and 45.827 km of aerial and cable power lines. The number of employees employed by the branch is over 4,90 thous.

Director of the branch - Vadim Anatolyevich Loktin

Hotline: (800) 2001-220
Phone: (342) 243-53-59
Fax: (342) 243-53-53

PR Officer - Mikhail Mikhailovich Naumenko, phone:(342) 243-54-14

About the region

The administrative center of the region is Perm. The overall area of the region is 160.6 thous. km2. The number of population, according to Federal Statistics Agency, totals 2.6 mln (2013). The density of population is 16.44 persons per km² (2013). Urban population reaches 75.1% (2013). The national majority of population in the region is Russians (87.1%), Tatars (4.6%), Komi-Permyaks (3.2%), Bashkirs (1.3%), Ukrainians (0.6%) and others (3.2%).

The regional economy is based on highly developed industrial complex which includes oil, chemical and petrochemical industries, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, machine-building, wood and food industry. Perm region is abundant in various mineral resources (oil, gas, coal, mineral salts, gold, diamonds, chromite ore, fossils, gem, ornamental and facing stones as well as construction materials, etc.).

Tariff regulator

Regional Tariff Service of the Perm region

Acting Head: Andrey Aleksandrovich Kokorev
Address: 14 Ulitsa Kuybysheva, Perm, 614990
Phone: (342) 235-13-10
Fax: (342) 235-13-10
Local time: Moscow +2

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