General Shareholder Meeting

The Competence

The General Shareholder Meeting is the supreme management body of the Company. Under the Charter of the Company the following issues pertain to the GSM reference:

  1. Introduction of amendments and supplements to the Charter or approval of a new version of the Charter;
  2. The Company’s re-organization;
  3. The Company’s liquidation, appointment of a liquidation commission and approval of interim and final liquidation balance-sheets;
  4. Definition of quantity, nominal value, category (type) of authorized shares and the rights provided by the shares;
  5. Increase of the Charter capital by enlarging the nominal value or placing additional shares;
  6. Decrease of the Charter capital by reducing the nominal value, purchasing shares to reduce their total amount as well as by redeeming shares acquired or paid-up by the Company;
  7. Splitting and consolidation of the Company shares;
  8. Decision-taking on the placement of bonds convertible into shares and other emissive securities convertible into shares;
  9. Determination of the BoD membership, election of its members and early termination of their powers;
  10. Election of the Board of Internal Auditors and early termination of their powers;
  11. Approval of the Company’s auditor;
  12. Decision-taking on transferring the powers of the sole executive body of the Company to a managing company (a managing director) and early termination of its powers;
  13. Approval of annual reports and financials including profit and loss statements (profit and loss accounts) of the Company, as well as profit distribution (including dividend pay-out (declaration), except for the profit distributed as 3M, 6M and 9M dividends and losses as of the financial year;
  14. Dividend pay-out (declaration) as of 3M, 6M and 9M results;
  15. Determination of the procedure for arranging a GSM;
  16. Decision-taking on approving transactions in cases envisaged by Art. 83 of the Federal Joint-Stock Companies' Law;
  17. Decision-taking on approving major transactions in cases envisaged by Art. 79 of the Federal Joint-Stock Companies' Law;
  18. Decision-taking on participation in financial and industrial groups, associations and other unions of commercial companies;
  19. Approval of internal documents regulating the activities of the Company’s bodies;
  20. Decision-taking on remuneration and/or compensations paid to the Board of Internal Auditors;
  21. Decision-taking remuneration and/or compensations paid to the Board of Directors;
  22. Decision-taking on other issues stipulated by the Federal Joint-Stock Companies' Law.

Issues referred to the GSM purview shall not be passed over for resolution to the Board of Directors, Executive Board and CEO. A GSM is not entitled to review or take decisions on the issues that are not referred to its competence by the Federal Joint-Stock Companies' Law.

General Meeting's Resolutions

      Minutes No.17 dated as of 03.06.2021 (49.1 кб)
Minutes No.16 dated as of 29.05.2020 (52 кб) Minutes No.15 dated as of 31.12.2019 (18.2 кб) Minutes No.14 dated as of 04.12.2019 (65.1 кб) Minutes No.13 dated as of 24.05.2019 (100.4 кб)
Minutes No.12 dated as of 31.05.2018 (142.8 кб) Minutes No.11 dated as of 15.09.2017 (74.5 кб) Minutes No.10 dated as of 08.06.2017 (150.7 кб) Minutes No.9 dated as of 06.06.2016 (261 кб)
Minutes No.8 dated as of 18.06.2015 (188.1 кб) Minutes No.7 dated as of 27.06.2014 (186.2 кб) Minutes No.6 dated as of 14.06.2013 (192.4 кб) Minutes No.5 dated as of 30.08.2012 (138.4 кб)
Minutes No.4 dated as of 15.06.2012 (165.6 кб) Minutes No.3 dated as of 17.06.2011 (200.4 кб) Minutes No.2 dated as of 30.06.2010 (212.4 кб) Excerpts from Minutes No.1 dated as of 19.06.2009 (238.3 кб)

2005-2008 AGM minutes are available only in Russian.

GSM Materials for Shareholders

This information is in Russian only.

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